Hey, doll!! XOXO

Welcome to my page, babe!!! all attention is good attention, so if you wanna hurt my feelings, you should just go and say nothing xoxo--or u can stick around!!

This page is under construction, but I'll be adding my looks, tips, and more--in the meantime, u can enjoy the music player and my fab aesthetic if you wanna.


I'm Bimbeau (pronounced 'bimbo'), a 17-year-old DQ in the DC Metro Area. Out of drag, my pronouns are he/him and bitch/bitchs, & I go by Bo xoxo

Like all the best performers, I'm a pathological attention seeker & fag--I don't keep it particularly secret that I have NPD & HPD, and like I said, if you want to be a bitch about it you're still giving me attention xoxo Your call there, doll!

I'm working on getting into drag performances & in person community, which is probably the only good part abt living near DC, so recs are welcome there xo